"Unity Through Expression"

 Souls 'N Substance is an organization and movement that aims to unite the creatives, agents of change, movers,and shakers of our generation through art and a sense of community. Since 2013, Kayla St. Cloud, the founder, has been leading Souls ’N Substance to create diverse and inclusive spaces where people can unite, express themselves, share experiences, and grow. At a Souls event people of all sizes, colors,  cultures, sexes,and religions are welcome and safe.


 Souls ’N Substance hosts several different programs: The most well known is a self entitled affair where all things artsy are celebrated. Creatives of different art forms (spoken word, dancing, singing, rap, the visual arts, etc.) are brought together in one night to share the wonders that they have been given. The second program is Souls United, a service based initiative that focuses on planting seeds that inspire and uplift children. Souls believes that every child is a creative genius; you just have to find the channel that taps into their potential. Lastly, Souls hosts "(Soul)cial Consciousness" also known as SoCon, an open dialogue meant to join people together on a journey to becoming socially aware. Through SoCon, diverse groups of people are brought together to discuss issues affecting the lives of young people and to learn from one another. These conversations are shared in video on YouTube in hopes to enlighten others all across the world.