Always Reppin'


I'm back for the month of April with some events happening in S.C. this month! I'll be updating this post throughout the month so check this post periodically to stay abreast on some S.C. happenings cause we're always reppin'!





The Sister Solstice, presented by Na'Cha Saeed, will feature a special guest panel, group exercises & discussions, food & drinks, & more! To learn more about the upcoming Sister Solstice you can follow Na'Cha Saeed on Instagram & Twitter (@Nachasaeed)







This festival is being held at the Clemson University amphitheater for all Clemson students!






 BINACT has TWO coming up in May! Save the flyers & for more info you can follow the founder of BINACT, Candice, on Instagram & Twitter (@/candiiboo) or visit


You can also follow 803theclique on IG (@/803theclique)






Don't forget you can send your flyers, project releases, + more via the contact page, Instagram DM or Twitter DM if you'd like to have something posted on the Always Reppin' page!


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