12.Apr.17. #AestheticCrushWednesday - Chief Mellow of 187Blvd


What could possibly be a better way to kick off 2017 pre-summertime glow than with some rich, black boy joy to remind us to live and express ourselves confidently and with a tone that doesn't seek acceptance but demands respect?! NOTHING! That's what! 


This week's #AestheticCrushWednesday is Chief Mellow from the gritty and psychedelic trip ensuing rap collective, 187BLVD (South Cak stand up!). From his meticulously etched tattoo of a koi fish to his light moving and light tipped dreads, Chief Mellow is #AestheticCrushWednesday personified.


 Mellow and I spent a few minutes discussing his style of dress and self expression, as well as what has inspired him throughout the years as he grows as a creative and evolves into better versions of himself.



Kayla: Are there any people who influence your style? If so, name two.


Mellow: Yes my biggest influences are Wiz Khalifa & Tyler, The Creator & I can't leave off A$AP Rocky. I'd say those three because the way they dress really displays their personality and also these are people that i can relate to, they all come from a similar type of environment as me and it proves that a black man can be who he is and still make it in the fashion world without switching up.


K: Do you still have some of the same influences that you did oh let's say...3 years ago?


M: Yes, for the most part. Mostly because I'm at the age where I'm stuck in my ways and I've settled of what fits me best, not what everyone else is doing.


K: Have you had to deal with any drawback when it comes to the way you use your body to express your personal style? You're definitely unconventional when thinking of the culture of corporate America.


M: When it comes to the tattoos honestly I've never had a problem. I think that's because tattoos and piercings are becoming more accepted in corporate America. As far as the way I dress tho, I don't think ripped jeans, dirty vans & acid was shirts will ever be accepted in a work environment lol.


K: What do the tats on your knuckles say? Why the knuckles?




M: My right hand says "LIVE" and the left hand says "FREE" and I got them on my knuckles because I always thought hand tattoos were groovy and rebellious. People think I'm crazy for getting my hands tatted but that's the point of me getting "Live Free" like who cares what anyone has to say just do what you like.


K: Would you like to share a positive quote or piece of mind with the Souls 'n Substance fam and all of the beautiful eyes reading this interview to get us through the week? No pressure (;


M: Yeah, I'd just like to tell everyone reading this that you should always believe in yourself & believe in your purpose. Own every step that you take on this Earth because you belong here and you are here for a reason. This world is yours so never hold anything back whether it be words or actions, fully commit to living the most wonderful life you can live.



Below are two tracks from Chief Mellow and 187BLVD. Give them a listen and if you like it, follow them! IG: @187blvd | @chiefmellow










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